1 Year of Music Studio Blog Ideas

If you’ve ever found yourself lacking creativity to come up with studio blog ideas, allow me hook you up… Here’s a blog post topic for every month of the year!

(Want even more blog ideas? Like 52 weeks worth of blog ideas?? An entire year of blog ideas??? Check out the download at the bottom of the post.)

January – Personal or studio music goals for the New Year 

When prospective students see your goals, they can see what you value as a teacher. If they value the same things, they’re more likely to be a good fit for your studio!

February – What you love about teaching

This doesn’t have to be sappy, just share why you love being a music teacher!

March – Recital prep checklist

If you host a spring recital, this is a good time to start the countdown by sharing some tips on how students can prepare for a fabulous performance.

April – A funny music experience

Did you ever play a prank on your music teacher? Did something hilarious happen in a concert? What’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard for a student not practicing?

May – Shout out to moms

Did your mom or a mother figure play a role in your music career? Was she a musician herself?

June – Shout out to dads

Same idea as last month, but this time honor your dad or father figure. I could tell a story or two about how my dad (who has never played an instrument in his life) insisted on “helping” me practice piano when I was in middle school. We had different ideas of what it meant to help. 😉

July – Summer practice strategies

What parent wouldn’t appreciate some strategies to help their kid stay engaged and continue progressing over the summer months (especially when they might not always have access to an instrument).

August – Behind the scenes

Everyone knows music teachers just sit around sipping margaritas when students aren’t around, right? Yeah…not so much. Describe what you do to gear up for the new school year. (This is a great way to let parents see the non-teaching work time that their tuition supports.)

September – Back to School

Tell a story about your first music teacher or the person who inspired you to become a musician.

October – Describe your scariest musical moment

Did you have a daunting audition? Did you get a last minute gig with not much time to prepare? What happened? How did you overcome the fear?

November – Write a gratitude post

This is a great chance to reflect on the year and express thanks for the students who make it possible for us to be a music teachers.

December – A favorite holiday song

Write about a holiday song that has special meaning for you. As a bonus, you could record yourself playing it and post the video, too!

Get an entire year’s worth of music studio blog ideas here:

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