000 – Spring Break Announcement

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I’m taking a spring break from podcasting this week to attend the virtual MTNA conference!

If you’re registered for the conference, I gave my presentation “Let the Website Speak: Crafting a More Effective Studio Website” on Sunday, but it’s not too late to view! It will be available for registered attendees through June 1.

I’ll be back next week with a regular podcast interview. 🙂


Hey! Andrea here. Just hopping on to say that I’m declaring it spring break this week and I won’t be releasing a new podcast interview today.

In other words…I’m having way too much fun hanging out virtually with teachers from around the world at the virtual Music Teachers National Association conference.

But stay tuned to hear my interview next week with the co-CEO of a music school that serves 75,000 students. Yes, you heard that right. 75 THOUSAND students.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this interview with you since the day I recorded it.

That’s all for today. Thanks for listening. I’ll be back next week!

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