Computer Backup the Easy Way

A while back, I shared my Tech Disaster Preparedness Checklist. This list covered all the things I do to protect my tech from all the typical disasters: power surges, stolen devices, failed hard drives (all of which I have personally experienced!) and more.

Now, it’s time to get real. Did you tell yourself, after reading that post, that you would to something to protect your data?

And did you do what you promised?

Yes? ROCK ON! Gold start for you!

No? … OK, friend. I say this with all the compassion of your dear music teacher when you haven’t practiced: IT’S BEEN FIVE MONTHS! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!

Seize the Day

This Saturday (March 31) is World Backup Day. (Who knew?)

It’s the perfect opportunity to recommit to protecting your data.

Don’t let another five months go by!

How to Backup Your Computer

There are a few different ways to backup a computer, but the easiest solution for most music teachers is to have a cloud backup service.

Using an online backup service is, by far, the easiest way to maintain a FULL backup of your computer.

I like BackBlaze. It’s inexpensive and comprehensive.

You set it up once and then it just runs in the background, quietly backing up every new picture you take, song you download, or file you create, without you doing any extra work.

With all your data backed up, if a tech tragedy every strikes (or you just delete something you didn’t mean to delete), BackBlaze has you covered.

Just log on to your secure file vault, download the backed up files, and pat yourself on the back for having made a really smart decision when you set up a cloud backup service. 😊

World Backup Day

So, in honor of World Backup Day, let’s get those backups running!


P.S. BackBlaze has a free trial to make it even easier to get started.


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