Music Studios and Coronavirus/COVID-19

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Coronavirus is impacting music teachers and lesson studios in cities around the world. In this very brief message, I’ve got some suggestions for how to lessen the impact on your studio.

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Hey, music teachers. I’m interrupting my normally-scheduled podcast for today with a brief message about coronavirus. I know it’s already impacting teachers in some cities and many of us are thinking about what it means for our studios.

I wanted to share a few suggestions on what you can do to lessen the impact.

1. Get your studio set up for online teaching.

Even if online teaching isn’t your ideal, it’s a great alternative for times of sickness, snow days, and extended travel.

I have a much more in-depth interview about setting up a professional online teaching studio coming soon, but in a pinch, you can get started with a video meeting service like Zoom and your computer or phone.

Just like anything else, there’s a learning curve to online teaching, so be flexible while you figure things out.

2. Communicate with your studio families

While you may not be concerned about the virus, it is important to realize that your studio families are probably thinking about it.

In times like this, I think all the “unknowns” are what cause the most anxiety. Parents may be worrying about all sorts of questions – Is my city next? What do I do if my kid’s school closes? What if my work closes?

With a simple email, you can proactively share your plan for lessons and hopefully bring just a little bit more peace to your studio families in an anxious time.

3. Work on your business

If you find yourself with more time on your hands than usual, take the opportunity to do some work on your business.

  • Update your website
  • Craft a vision statement
  • Set some goals and work out a financial plan
  • Maybe binge on some back episodes of Music Studio Startup?

You can find resources to help with all of those things at

And while you’re there, click that “Work With Me” tab to schedule a mini session so we can talk about what’s next for YOUR business.

That’s all for today. Stay healthy. I’ll be back next week with another teacher interview.


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