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WordPress for Music Teachers

Want a studio website but feel clueless about how to get started?

This course walks step-by-step through the entire process of building a studio website using the hugely popular WordPress platform.

You don’t need ANY experience to get started and you’ll get to follow every single mouse click to set up your website.

Click on the “Curriculum” tab (above) to view the course outline and preview the first module!

This course is for you if…WordPress logo

  • you want to build your fist studio website
  • you have outgrown your studio website on another platform and you want to upgrade
  • you have spent more than an hour trying to set up a WordPress site and don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere (It doesn’t haven’t to be that hard, I promise!)
  • you want to set up a website following the best practices of modern web development

This course includes

  • 6 modules of video content to watch at your own pace and review when you need them
  • content is laid out sequentially to take you from the very first steps of setting up a website (reserving a domain name and hosting) through to adding content and designing the site and (optionally) extending WordPress with 3rd-party integrations
  • every lesson can be completed in just a few minutes, so you don’t need a big block of time to make progress on setting up your website

A website is one of the most valuable marketing tools available for your studio. The sooner it’s online the sooner it can start bringing you new students!


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Andrea is a piano teacher, website developer and the founder of Music Studio Startup.