Business Finance for Music Teachers

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This course could be considered the 200-level follow-up to the financial principles introduced in Business Building 101. It’s ideal for the teacher who wants a deeper understanding of their finances and the tools to catch and diagnose red flags in their business before they become major problems.

This course may be for you if you’ve ever had questions like:

  • Should I continue solo teaching or open a multi-teacher studio?
  • How can I run a sustainable multi-teacher studio and still treat my teachers well?
  • Can I afford to invest in a commercial studio space? Is it a smart investment?
  • Should I self-finance this project or take out a loan?
  • How do I prepare financial statements for a business plan?
  • How can I make my business more attractive to a buyer or investor?

You’ll learn:

  • How to build a studio that meets your personal and business financial goals
  • How to read and interpret the most common financial statements
  • Real business financial terms so you can confidently speak the language of bankers/investors

Course includes:

  • Self-paced video lessons and course workbook
  • Four live office hour sessions with Andrea
  • Templates to jumpstart your financial planning
  • Calculators to help evaluate business opportunities

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