Episode 000 – Check-In + Grant Competition + Summer Business Building

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I’ve got two SUPER exciting announcements. Listen in to hear about two Music Studio Startup programs that will help you build your studio this summer. One involves an epic prize package, including a $500 cash grant!


Today, I have two announcements that I’m really excited to share, but before I get into those, I just want to check-in.

How are you doing?

We’re entering the 7th week of quarantine here in St. Louis and the stay home orders for the city have been extended “indefinitely.”

And ya know, the new normal is getting, well, a little “old.” Some people close to me are dealing with really heavy stuff. And, if I’m being completely truthful, it’s been kind of a rotten week. 

Sometimes I’ve had to work a little harder to find the silver lining. There was definitely some guilty pleasure Netflix-watching going on. And I may have treated myself to a second glass of cold brew. One day. OK. Fine. It was two day.

But for real, one of my greatest joys over the last week has been getting to talk to so many of you!

Talking about the struggle and breakthroughs in online teaching, the money stresses and the opportunities you’re facing, the confusion and the moments of clarity for your businesses… The conversations have run the gamut. 

Running a business is a challenging – and often lonely – endeavor even under normal circumstances, so add social distancing to that and… it’s just tough.

So, let me ask again. How are you doing?

Please always feel free to reach out to me through email, Instagram, or Facebook at MusicStudioStartup. I’d love to share a virtual cold brew with you… or two.

The graduating music majors have really been on my mind recently. Everyday a few YouTube senior recitals or live stream invitations pop up on my news feed. What a weird time to graduate and start a career.

You know, I started Music Studio Startup with the mission of helping music teachers build sustainable studios and, while I hope the resources I produce are helpful and inspiring for teachers of any experience level, I do have a special place in my heart for the teachers who are just getting started.

This brings me to TWO exciting announcements.

The first is for a BUSINESS BUILDING program I’m going to be running this summer.

There’s a lot to think about in the first few years of launching a studio…everything from finances to marketing, policies to business systems, legal structures to marketing… so many things. And, most teachers haven’t started a business before, so they’re kind of flying blind here.

I feel like this blindness is compounded right now, because everyone is holed up at home, which is why I decided that this would be the year I launch this BUSINESS BUILDING group coaching program.

It’s a 12-week program, designed to be your guide through those first steps in business and also provide some personalized support along the way.

This is perfect for the teacher who is just starting out or has been teaching for a few years, but hasn’t gotten those basic items in place to build a strong, sustainable studio.

The program will start June 15 and you can sign up to be part of the very first cohort of teachers at musicstudiostartup.com/SUMMER2020.

The SECOND announcement is kind of related, and perhaps even more exciting.

We all know that starting a business usually takes at least some investment. You’ve gotta buy music, software, teaching supplies, build a website, get a logo, register your business, maybe buy an instrument…it can add up.

That’s why I’m sponsoring a Studio Launch Grant competition!

I am SO excited about this and we have some amazing prize packages to help a few teachers defray those startup expenses and launch their studios!

Let me tell you about the grand prize package. One Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • A $500 grant to invest in their business – you can apply this to any of those startup expenses
  • In addition, they will receive a full scholarship to participate in the already-very-affordable SUMMER BUSINESS BUILDING program
  • On top of that, the competition is being sponsored by an incredible graphic designer, who will be developing a studio logo for the grand prize winner. How cool is that?!

For the application and eligibility requirements, check out musicstudiostartup.com/GRANT2020

In addition to the grand prize package, there are some prizes for runners up and applicants, so you can check those out, too.

Applications will be accepted through May 31.

I am super excited to see some studios takeoff this summer through the grant competition and through the BUSINESS BUILDING PROGRAM. It is going to be a blast.

Once more, details for both programs can be found at MusicStudioStartup.com/SUMMER2020 and musicstudiostartup.com/GRANT2020

That’s all for today. Thank you for listening. I’ll be back next week.


2020 Summer Business Building Program 

2020 Music Studio Startup Grant

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