Creative Business Card Designs for Musicians

Want business cards that are creative and unique but don’t cost a fortune? Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Get graphic

Add a headshot or bold logo for your studio.

They say you can tell a lot by a person’s smile. 🙂




2. Back at it

Show your creativity and get people engaged by putting an activity or teaser on the back of your card.

You could even use this as an impromptu teaching tool!




3. Shape up

Unexpected shapes are sure to grab attention and nowadays you can get cards printed on square stock, narrow stock, oversized stock, and any custom cut imaginable!

If you want to keep things economical, stick with the standard size, but make your design portrait instead of landscape.



4. Material things

guitar pick business card

Using unique materials or objects can make your business card interesting and useful!

If you don’t need a lot of business cards, you could DIY some using vintage music scores.




5. Show some personality

Give prospective students a glimpse into your personality and teaching style before they even step through the door.

One more way to strengthen your personal brand!




6. Above the fold

For the pianists out there, how cool are these?

With a 3D business card you’ll never have to worry about it getting lost in a stack of papers!





7. Sweeten the deal

Who wouldn’t want to meet the person handing out business cards with gummy bears???

Consider what “extras” you could distribute with your business cards that would also reinforce your brand.



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Have you found other creative business card designs that musicians can be inspired by?

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