Do I Really Need a Studio Website?

Let’s be real. You already know what my answer to this website question will be. But if you’ve seen other studio websites that are basically just an online business card, you may wonder how much value they really provide.

I’m sure those teachers see some traffic from their websites, so they are not completely ineffective, but your website will be so much more. It’s the platform from which you will build your career.

A studio website will help you:

Look Legit

Have you ever driven past a local business, like a restaurant or laundromat, and later looked for it online and found no trace of it? Like, it’s not even listed on Google Maps?! The only logical explanation in my mind is that these businesses are actually fronts for the mafia, so I generally stay away. Whether you are teaching from your house or from a studio, you don’t want prospective students confusing your teaching studio with the mafia. You need a studio website. 🙂

Find Your Best Students

The best students are the ones who choose to study with you specifically because of who your are and how you teach, rather than the ones who choose you simply because you happen to teach down the street from their house. Your website gives potential students a glimpse into your soul (…or at least an idea of your teaching philosophy and personality) before they even pick up the phone.

Not only that, a website will put you out there for an audience much broader than your personal network. You’ll be more likely to find those soulmate students and you can dump the others. “It’s not you, it’s me…”

Get to Where you Want to Be

This, my friends, this is the #1 reason you need a website. Today, you may be singularly focused on teaching, (nothing wrong with that!) but some day you might decide you want to publish your own compositions. Or write your own series of theory workbooks. Or share what you’ve learned about teaching students with special needs. Or go on a world tour with your pet tap-dancing unicorn.

Whatever the dream may be, a website (and more specifically, a blog) gives you a platform to start establishing your credibility in that area now. Even if it’s another decade before you decide to pursue anything “for real,” your future self will be eternally grateful for the foresight you had in your younger days.


Your studio website is not just an advertisement to get a student today, it’s a way of building your reputation so you can have an incredible career, full of amazing opportunities, tomorrow.

What, if anything, has held you back from creating a studio website?

Want help building your website? I’m putting together a website building course just for music teachers! Let me know you’re interested by filling out this quick Interest Form.



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