Episode 002 – Heather Aiolupotea on Health Insurance for Self-Employed Music Teachers


In this episode, licensed health insurance agent, Heather Aiolupotea, explains what we need to know about health insurance as self-employed music teachers. She explains open enrollment, how to think about what insurance we need, how to evaluate plans, how to find out if you’re eligible for a subsidy, and more.

Heather is so knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. She even shared her phone number if you want to text or call her with questions!

Health Insurance Tips for Self-Employed Musicians

  • Check the monthly premiums and annual deductible when evaluating health insurance costs
  • Make sure your favorite doctors are in-network for the insurance provider you choose
  • Talk to a licensed insurance provider about health care coverage and options
  • If you know you’ll have certain health needs (surgery, prescriptions, pregnancy), take those into account when selecting a plan
  • If you’re healthy and don’t need all the services of ObamaCare, an off-market plan might be able to save you money
  • You may be eligible for subsidies if you have low income when you’re first starting your studio
  • Not everyone needs dental and vision insurance
  • Consider getting a basic term life insurance policy

Resources from Heather

1) HealthCare.gov – how to find out what Obamacare plans are available to you, if you have a “qualifying event” that allows you to apply outside of Open Enrollment (Nov 1 – Dec 15), and if you qualify for a subsidy.

2) If you are paying full price for health insurance (i.e. you are not getting it covered through your job, your spouse’s job, a parent, etc.) I strongly recommend checking out private plans. Talk to a licensed agent that you trust so you don’t sign up for a plan that does not provide good coverage.

3) GoodRX App and Blink Health are great apps/websites for finding the least expensive medications in your area regardless of who your insurance is through.

4) Feel free to contact me (Heather) with any questions. Insurance can be very confusing!

Connect with Heather

Phone: 202-441-3715

Website: https://www.ushagent.com/HeatherAiolupotea

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeatherAiolupoteaUSHealth/


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