Episode 005 – Emilee-Mae Feely

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Emilee-Mae is an entrepreneur and piano teacher. We could have talked for hours about all of the music-related businesses she runs, but we limited our discussion to her travel piano school, Plume Piano.

She’s only been running the business for a few years and it already spans eight cities in Canada. Our conversation covers everything from startup systems to free advertising to the very creative payment structure she adopted to encourage her teachers to take a more entrepreneurial role in promoting the studio.


  • If you’re creative about marketing, you’ll never be without a job as a music teacher
  • Teachers can multiply their time by employing the resources of others, but employing other teachers brought a big learning curve
  • Emilee-Mae built her studio with a variety of free marketing strategies. She suggests promoting in mum-to-mum (or mom-to-mom, for us Americans) and community-focused Facebook groups by introducing yourself as a music teacher and offering an introductory rate
  • Doing really specific searches for community groups in the cities she wanted to launch helped Emilee-Mae build her client base


Free Advertising: Kijiji.ca

Book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

Podcast Episode: Music Studio Startup Episode 001 – Tasha Locke -Tasha discusses how using paid ads on multiple platforms helped her build authority and rank higher in Google search results.

Connect with Emilee-Mae

Website: feelypianoschool.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/feelypianoschool/

Instagram: instagram.com/feelypiano/

Twitter: twitter.com/feelypiano

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC5_G83JTdg6iNqaELqGXmzQ

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