Episode 006 – Wendy Racer on Designing a Studio for Profit

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Wendy Racer is an interior designer and the owner of Way Interiors. In this episode, she shares her five profit-boosting interior design tips for music teachers and studio owners!


1. Keep the look of your website, business card, and studio space cohesive

To present yourself and your brand in the best light possible, make everything from your website to your interiors cohesive. Relay the same message across the board.

2. Figure out your niche and play to it

Know what acommodations your students need to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience in your space.

3. Make it look like a business

If you take your business seriously, you clients will take you seriously and they will be willing to pay a premium for lessons. (Wendy shared some tips for making even home studios feel like businesses.)

4. Block out the outside world

Reduce distractions for your students by using window treatments and doors to separate the teaching space from the rest of the house

5. Make your students feel like rockstars!

Imagine how your want your students to see themselves as musicians and design a space that helps them live that experience. Maybe even set up a stage in one part of your studio with hard surfaces and great lighting to make your students feel like rockstars!

BONUS TIP: Think about your systems and incorporate them into your design

Making it easy for you to do your work will save you time and money.

Set up a prominent retail space to sell music, accessories, and instrument parts. (This also helps with Tip #3!)

Above all, remember that if a design choice doesn’t increase your profitability or efficiency, it might not be the right decision.


Summer 2018 Studio Accelerator Program

Connect with Wendy

Website: https://www.wayinteriors.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/wayinteriors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wayinteriorsdesign/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arpeggiopianova

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