Episode 019 – Andrea “FluterScooter” Fisher on Starting a Woodwind Bag Company

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A lot of entrepreneurial stories have meandering starts, often with setbacks and challenges that test a founder’s dedication and perseverance as much as the business idea itself. Today’s guest has one of those stories, but she stuck it out and made it to the other side.


  • It took several years to get the first Fluter Scooter bags produced, but during that time Andrea stayed the course and did other things on the side (like working an ice cream truck!) to build up her savings so she could have the freedom to take on the risks of starting Fluter Scooter.
  • Andrea partnered with someone in her network who had business expertise and funds to invest. Her partner connected her with a Chinese manufacturer and, together, they launched the business.
  • Eventually Andrea bought out her partner, which meant she no longer had to split the profits. This move enabled her to make a living from the business.
  • To gain product exposure, Andrea reached out to dealers with cold calls and emails. These are still valuable ways to communicate, but now Facebook and Instagram can be more personal ways of reaching out and building relationships.
  • Andrea enjoys being the face of her business and feels that this is the signature of her brand. This helps her develop strong personal connections with clients. Being a one-woman show has its challenges, though! Andrea often has to remind customers that if she’s traveling it might take longer for a bag to ship.


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