Episode 037 – David Barnard on Music Co-Operatives in the UK

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Today’s guest comes to us from the UK to talk about another business model that is helping teachers make a sustainable living: the music-co-operative.

David Barnard of the Musicians’ Union describes the culture shock teachers felt when the jobs they expected to always be there, suddenly disappeared, forcing them to become more independent and entrepreneurial.

Just a heads up, business culture and regulations are different around the world. The way the UK music co-ops handle lesson fees might not work where you live. Here in the US, the Federal Trade Commission would consider this price fixing a violation of antitrust laws.

With that disclaimer, you’re still going to get a ton of great takeaways about co-ops that you could apply in an American context.

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Article: https://www.musiciansunion.org.uk/Home/Advice/Education/Hubs-Co-ops/Co-ops

UK Music Teacher Co-Operatives

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