078 – Noa Kageyama on Building Personally Fulfilling Business

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Today’s guest, Noa Kageyama, got an early start as a violinist studying with none other than THE Dr. Suzuki – founder of the Suzuki method. Everything was on track for his performance career when he took a class at Juilliard that exposed him to sports performance psychology and the trajectory of his career shifted.

Today Noa’s sharing the startup story of his blog, The Bulletproof Musician. He talks about how he thought he had run out of content ideas after the first month of writing, but has managed to keep finding interesting things to share more than 10 years later. Today the blog has expanded into a variety of work and now serves as his primary source of income.


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Ellen Hendriksen – The Savvy Psychologist

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers by Seth Godin

Connect with Noa

Website: bulletproofmusician.com


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