083 – Alyssa O’Toole on Building a Premier Music Community for Adults

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Today I’m talking to the owner of a high end music school in downtown Boston, that serves mostly adults.

In this episode, you’ll hear about how the vision Alyssa had for her school has gradually come to fruition and how she’s grown as an entrepreneur, particularly in the area of finance, along the way. 

If you’ve been listening to the show for a while now, you may have observed a theme I’ve been seeing that a lot of good startup stories include evictions or other real estate catastrophes, and Alyssa’s story delivers in this regard, too. I think you’ll really enjoy it.


MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer

Expand Online Summit – May 3-7

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Masterclass: Business 101 – Setting Up Your Studio with Andrea Miller

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Equinox Gym

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Website: www.musiciansplayground.com

Facebook: facebook.com/musiciansplayground

Instagram: instagram.com/musiciansplay

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