105 – Neylan McBaine on How Music Teacher’s Helper Became Duet Partner

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If you’ve been a music teacher for a while, you’re probably familiar with the most common studio management systems out there. And you may have noticed in the last year or so that one of these platforms got a makeover and a new name.

Music Teacher’s Helper and its counterpart for multi-teacher studios, Studio Helper, have become Duet Partner.

Behind the name change and rebrand, there’s also a new owner and CEO. Today I have the privilege of talking to Neylan McBaine about how she came to buy the business (teaser – that story wasn’t at all as I was expecting) and how she has navigated her first 18 months as CEO.

Here’s my conversation with Neylan


Podcast: Duet Partner Podcast: Duet Partner with Andrea Miller: Strategies for Tax-Time Organization on Apple Podcasts

How I Built This: Audible: Don Katz

Connect with Neylan

Website: https://duetpartner.com/

Facebook: Duet Partner

Instagram: @yourduetpartner


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