108 – Chris Swan on Selling a Studio and Starting Over

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Today I have the pleasure of welcoming back Chris Swan, a guest who was on the podcast back in Episode 066. In that episode we talked about Chris’s studio STL Piano Lessons and all the changes he made in his first years in business to get his studio where he wanted it to be.

Chris was super transparent about the highs and lows he had experienced as a business owner, and he was really good at articulating the challenges he was facing, and how he was iterating along the way to address those challenges. It was a great conversation and if you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend you do.

When I heard that Chris had sold his business in St. Louis, moved to New York City, and started a new studio, I knew I wanted to talk to him again to hear about this new chapter.



Episode 066 – Chris Swan on Iterating in an Early Stage Music School

Episode 016 – Lance LaDuke on Building a Portfolio Career as a Musician


Connect with Chris:

Website: https://www.mynycmusiclessons.com/

Facebook: My NYC Music Lessons

Instagram: My NYC Music Lessons


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