113 – John Atkins on Being a Creative on YouTube and Patreon (Part 1)

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Today we’re back with part one of a great conversation with someone you may have encountered on YouTube – The Ukulele Teacher aka John Atkins. John is YouTuber, Patreon creative, and now podcaster who got his start on YouTube back in 2011.

We talk about the opportunities and the challenges of being an early user of platforms like Patreon, how monetization on YouTube has changed over time, and how John is continuing to find new creative outlets to keep his work fresh and meaningful. 


Podcast: HIBT Lab! Blogilates: Cassey Ho

The YouTube Creator’s Handbook (out of print)

Book: Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years (Michael Palin Diaries) by Michael Palin

Book: Exit Stage Left: The Curious Afterlife of Pop Stars by Nick Duerden

Connect with John

Website: www.UkuleleTales.com

Facebook: TheUkuleleTeacher

Instagram: UkeTeacher

Twitter: UkeTeacher

YouTube: The Ukulele Teacher

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