115 – Celeste Watson on Communicating Through Transitions and Thriving as a Solo Teacher

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Today I’m talking to Celeste Watson, the owner of a thriving private piano studio in North Carolina. We cover a lot of studio nuts and bolts in this conversation: things like studio policies, parent communication, handling tuition increases, setting expectations for new students, and much more.

But before we get into any of that, we talk about the journey it took for this teacher to get to the place where she could even consider full-time teaching. This journey included facing a playing-related injury and years of retraining, that eventually transformed her approach to teaching and influenced the way she built her studio.


Book: Savvy Music Teacher by David Cutler

Course: Vision and Values

Course: Business Building 101

Connect with Celeste

Website: watson-music.com

Facebook: Watson Music Studio

Instructor: Lister-Sink Institute



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