121 – Renee Shaw Nutwell on Taking Parental Leave

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Today’s interview is on a topic I’ve never covered on the podcast before and it’s not one that gets a lot of attention, but it’s a real thing that a lot of teachers have to navigate and it can be kind of complicated. I’m talking about taking an extended leave from a studio.

Our discussion centers around taking parental leave after the birth of a child, but the insights and takeaways translate to taking extended leave from a studio for any reason: vacation, sabbatical, health reasons, whatever.

My conversation today is with Renee Shaw Nutwell and it is the first in a set of two interviews from first-time parents (a mom and a dad) talking about how they planned for parental leave. We talk about what their goals were for their students and studios during their leave, how they attempted to plan for something that they didn’t have full control over, how their plans played out in real life, how they transitioned back into teaching, and what they learned from the experience.


Book: ”Ability Development from Age Zero” by Shinichi Suzuki

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