127 – Chris Mallet and Robert Miller on Conservatory Ownership to Practice App Founders [REBROADCAST]

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With Tonara’s announcement that they will be shutting down their practice app, a lot of teachers are looking for a replacement, so we thought it would be helpful to feature a few of the other apps in this space.

Last week we talked to Nicola Cantan about the startup story of her brand new app – Vivid Practice and today we’re rebroadcasting an episode with the founders of PracticeSpace, Robert Miller and Chris Mallett.

PracticeSpace was not the first business Robert and Chris started together – the first was their teaching conservatory, which you’ll also hear about in this interview.


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MSS Episode 126 – Nicola Cantan on Building and Launching Practice App

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Connect with Chris & Robert:

Website: https://www.practicespaceapp.com/

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126 – Nicola Cantan on Building and Launching Practice App
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