136 – 2023 Q4 Recap with Amy Chaplin



It’s time for another quarterly check-in! Today I’m joined by Amy Chaplin, a fellow piano teacher and productivity nerd. Since it’s January, this review takes more of an annual review perspective as we look back on 2023 and look forward to 2024. 

I was looking forward to this conversation with Amy because I wanted an excuse to talk about apps and tools for organizing all the things life throws at us and I knew Amy would have things to say about this. The conversation did not disappoint. We gush over all our tools for project management, task management, lesson notes, and writing. And we talk about some of the tools we discarded in 2023.


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The Music of Teaching: Learning to Trust Students’ Natural Development by Barbara Kreader Skalin

Unconditional Teaching (Improve your teaching Book 7) by Paul Harris

The Alice Network: A Novel by Kate Quinn

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

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Instagram: amychaplinpiano or food.fun.with.amy

Facebook: Studio88PianoLessons or PianoPantry

Website: PianoPantry.com

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