138 – Andrea Yahr on Tax Prep Tips and FAQs [REBROADCAST]

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With the turn of the calendar, many of us are closing the fiscal years for our businesses and wrapping up our bookkeeping for the year in anticipation of the tax season ahead.

I am a HUGE fan of a low-stress tax season and the way to accomplish that is to get started early and tackle one step at a time.

Which is why I invited back to the podcast, Andrea Yahr, a certified tax preparer, to get us going.

Andrea’s first appearance on the Music Studio Startup podcast was back in Episode 012 when she talked about Business Structures and Their Tax Implications.

Today Andrea is back to talk about some tax basics for self-employed teachers, how to get a smooth start to the filing season (even if you feel behind already), and we also talk about some short and long-term strategies to consider to lower your overall tax bill.




J.K. Lasser’s Guide to Self-Employment: Taxes, Strategies, and Money-Saving Tips for Schedule C Filers by Barbara Weltman

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