Gift Guide for Entrepreneurial Music Teachers

With the new year just around the corner, I’m thinking a lot about the goals I have for my studio and business. Some of these goals require investing in equipment or software. Call me boring, but I’ve always been a big fan of practical gifts. When I put together my wishlist for the family gift exchange, many of these business-y items made it onto the list.

For today’s post, I put together a gift guide of tools and resources that have helped me grow my studio over the years or helped me be a more effective and organized business owner. (And are also fun enough to be allowed on a wishlist. 😉)


The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington – This is my current favorite book on goal-setting. I blogged about it earlier this year and I’ve been using this system all of 2017 to structure my work.

Music – Take off your teacher hat for a moment and choose some music that will inspire YOU to practice. Don’t forget to post videos of your own performances on social media to promote your studio!

Tech Tools

Todoist – I’ve been managing my to do list digitally using Todoist for years and it keeps improving. I love that it’s cross-platform so I have access to it everywhere – desktop, Android phone, iPad.

BackBlaze – Is your computer backed up? Securely backup up your documents so you don’t lose anything in a tech disaster! This gift is a good one to give, as well!

LastPass – Quit wasting time resetting forgotten passwords by storing them in a secure cloud vault. It makes logging in from multiple devices a breeze!

ScanSnap Scanner – A few years ago we went completely digital with all of our record-keeping. It’s worked really well, thanks to this ScanSnap scanner! I can’t imagine trying to digitize all of our receipts without it.

Cell phone tripod – To record those videos of you and your students playing to post on social media! I use an octopus-style tripod like this one. The flexible legs make it easy to stabilize on uneven surfaces or wrap around the side of a piano to get a fun angle.

Studio Promo

Logo – If you’re lucky to have a graphic designer in the family, try dropping a hint. 😉

Business Cards – These may be hard for someone else to design, but lots of online printshops sell gift certificates!

WordPress Website Building Class [Release: Dec. 2017] – I am creating this self-guided WordPress class specifically for music teachers. If you want to set up a studio website using WordPress’s infinitely expandable platform, you’ll definitely want to check it out. I walk and talk you through every mouse click and there is no coding knowledge required! I’ll be opening registration in the next couple of weeks. Sign up below to get an pre-release discount!

Professional Development

Coffee shop gift cards – Don’t let money be the thing holding you back from networking with local entrepreneurs (link). Attend events and invite interesting people

Business Coaching – We know how much lessons with a teacher help students reach their musical goals. The same is true for reaching our business goals! Curious about what coaching would look like? Schedule an absolutely no obligation chat today to see what one-on-one coaching could do for you and your business.  [[ Schedule a chat! ]]

What’s on your studio wish list this year?

Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links it doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps me keep the servers running at Music Studio Startup and provide you with useful content! Thanks for your support!

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