Would $1,000 help you launch or build your music studio? Read on!

Here at Music Studio Startup, we have a special place in our hearts for teachers who are just starting out. ❤️

(We’re looking at you, music majors, recent grads, and young teachers!)

Back in 2020, we held a grant competition to help teachers who were launching studios right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We had amazing applicants and winners and it was fun to help in a time of such uncertainty.

But we also recognize that launching a studio is hard ANYTIME, not just when there’s a pandemic happening.

So… (drumroll)… the grant competition has returned!

2022 Competition: CLOSED – see who won!

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    Does your business offer a product or service that would be helpful to a new music teacher? Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

    Official sponsors will be announced soon.


    2023 Prizes

    Grand Prize

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    Applicant Prize

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    The 2022 grant competition application period has closed. Drop your email in the box to get updates about our next grant competition!