Week 0

All quarter we’ve been talking about these “12-week plans.” If you’ve done the math, you know that 12 weeks per quarter x 4 quarters per year = 48 weeks. You’re probably aware that a conventional calendar has 52 weeks and may be wondering…what about the other 4 weeks??

(It’s true I use a weird off-set quarter system, but I do still acknowledge a conventional 52-week calendar. 😉 )

The extra four weeks become buffer weeks between each quarter.

This “Week 0” can be used to wrap up any open loops on your quarterly goals but, personally, I try not to depend on it for tactical time.

Instead, I try to make it a time for reflecting, resetting, and relaxing! I focus on celebrating the accomplishments of the past quarter, thinking high level about the quarter/year ahead, planning my next 12 weeks, and – above all – I prioritize making time for fun/leisure.

I struggle to slow down and take breaks aside from summer and holiday vacations (I suspect I’m not alone in this group of high achieving teachers), but I know that the time away throughout the year is vital for maintaining creativity and general well-being.

I still typically get to Week 12 and think “I don’t really need a break…I can just keep plugging away…” but I’m learning to take the time whether I feel like I “need” it or not.

The break feels SO indulgent. I always return with renewed enthusiasm and focus.

Some things I have enjoyed during Week 0s:

  • Getting a massage
  • Going for a walk in the park
  • Reading fiction in a coffee shop (does it get anymore carefree than that???)
  • Building something or doing a creative project with my hands

I encourage you to find your own way to celebrate this Week 0!