Mini Marketing Plan

Next to the beginning of the school year, January has always been the second biggest enrollment season for my studios. (Thank you, New Year’s resolutions!) And I don’t think my experience is unique.

Check out this graph that represents Google search trends for “piano lessons” over the last four years:

Do you see those peeks? Januarys. All of them!

So what does that mean for us as music teachers?

Our marketing efforts at this time of year can really have an impact!

But it’s December. And for many musicians that means complete and utter boredom extra concerts, extra practicing, holiday prep, and a to-do list a mile long! There isn’t a lot of extra time for running studio marketing campaigns.

Mini Marketing Plan

Thankfully, we don’t have to drop everything and dedicate the entire season to marketing. I’ve put together a Mini Marketing Plan with FIVE simple ideas that take less than 15 minutes to implement. Try to do one a day for the next week.

I’ve also created a downloadable resource guide with templates and examples to take care of some of the heavy lifting!

1. Send an Email to Family, Friends, and Students

Share a highlight from your studio from this year and let them know you have openings in your studio for the new year. Ask them to share your name with anyone who might be interested in lessons.

I have a template for this email in the Mini Marketing Plan Resource Guide!

2. Advertise Available Lesson Times

Do you have a few random lesson slots that you just can’t seem to fill? Make a quick graphic to publicize those specific times (I’d limit it to 3-5 slots) and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever you get social.

As the slots get filled, update and re-share the graphic with a slash through the times that have been filled to show that your studio is in demand!

Pro Tip: Canva is a great resource for creating images like these. I have some examples in the Mini Marketing Plan Resource Guide.

3. Share Useful Content in a Local Online Group

Local social networking sites like MeetUp, NextDoor, and local Facebook groups can be a great source of potential students. Rather than just spamming them with your ad, share a piece of useful content (like an article you wrote) as a way of introducing yourself as a music teacher.

Check out the Mini Marketing Plan Resource Guide for more ideas!

4. Add a Welcome Video to Your Website

Once people land on your website, let them see some of your personality with a welcome video! The more directly you can speak to the needs and goals of your potential students, the more effective your video will be.

If you already have a welcome video on your website, consider making a special one just to welcome visitors during the New Year’s season. Students choose the teacher they believe will “get” them. So if New Year’s resolutions are on your prospective students’ minds and your video is all about how you already helped a student (just like them) reach their goals this year, you’ll be speaking their language!

Of course, there’s a sample script outline in the Mini Marketing Plan Resource Guide.

Don’t have a website? You’ll definitely want to check out my WordPress for Music Teachers course. Details are coming soon! Sign up below to get the updates.

5. Update your Google Maps listing

Make sure people can find your studio when they search for lessons in your area!

If it’s been a while since you checked out your Google Maps listing, review it to make sure all the information is current. You can also try some of these strategies to get your Google Maps listing to show up higher in search results.

If you haven’t set up your Google Maps listing, I’ve got a guide to help with that, too: How to List Your Music Studio on Google Maps.

Implementing a few simple marketing strategies can help position your studio to receive new students and start the new year off strong! You don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to it. A small amount of time in the peak lesson sign-up seasons will go further than a lot of effort in a season when people just aren’t signing up for lessons.

What are you doing to market your studio this season?

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