Moving – Part 1: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

I’m moving!

From Maryland back to Missouri!

I’m sharing this for a a couple of reasons reasons:

I want to keep up with the blog as much as possible, but because my time and energy is going to be more limited for the next several weeks, I’m throwing my original blogging calendar out the window and, instead, I’ll be blogging about transitioning a studio.

I went through this process a little over five years ago when we moved out to Maryland and thought “I should document this for other teachers who have to move…” but Music Studio Startup was still just an inkling of an idea back then and (without the accountability of readers!) I didn’t write down a thing.

Now that I’m relocating again, I’m going to share the process in case you ever find yourself in the same position.

Thank you, dear readers, for giving me the motivation to at least attempt to keep blogging through the craziness.


Right now, there are still a LOT of questions up in the air.

The Hubs accepted his new position in St. Louis about two weeks ago. At this point, all my students have been told that we’re moving in November, but they don’t have any specifics because I don’t have any specifics!

I’m operating under the assumption that we’ll be here for about 4 more weeks.

Hopefully we’ll learn a little more in the coming week.

What I’m Doing This Week

This week is all about making decisions and setting timelines.

I think I’ve been stalling, waiting for someone to give me a deadline to wrap up my studio, but then I remember that I’m self-employed, and part of being the boss means I get to (have to?) make that decision myself.

Here are the tasks I’m focusing on this week:

1. Set Last Lesson Date

Part of me wants to teach until the day we leave (I love my students!), but the sane part of me knows that’s a bad idea. I’m in denial about making this decision, but it needs to be done. This week. I’m committing!

2. Schedule Piano & Pizza Party

I would really love to send my students off with a final fun group piano experience.

A couple of my students have been planning their next recital rep since the week after our last recital (I have some overachievers!), so I know they want the chance to perform that music.

This week’s task is to see if I can find a space available on such short notice and time in my schedule.

3. Schedule Piano Shindig

I have some really fantastic adult students and we have a tradition of getting together a couple of times each year for “Piano Shindigs.”

We have wine and appetizers while playing for each other and then finish off the night with a fabulous dinner.

One of my students has already offered to do the planning and cooking (see why I’m going to miss these students?!?!). I just need to send an email to coordinate the date.

There are other details to take care (like selling a house…), but these are my top priorities for the studio this week.

I’ll check in again on Monday with my priorities for next week!

Have any fabulous moving tips to share?

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