Moving – Part 3: Ending Well


On Sunday my studio had its farewell pizza party and performance. It was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

It was decidedly not fancy: I supplied the paper goods and ordered pizzas, a parent volunteered to bring drinks, and a couple of other families brought cookies. It was simple and great.

Another task on my list was to collect books I had lent out. There was only one and I just texted the borrower and they returned it promptly. Easy peasy.

Pro Tip: I have a tag in my task manager called “Waiting for”. Any time I lend out a book or send an email that needs follow up, I’ll create a task for it and add the “Waiting for” tag in this system. This list usually has 10-15 items on it at any given time and I review it once a week during my weekly review.

This Friday will be my last day of teaching. It’s sad, but with so much else going on it will also be a relief to have that constraint lifted from my schedule.

Interviewing teachers and preparing gifts for students did NOT happen. These items were not urgent and too many other things were. I still intend to interview teachers, but it can wait until after the packing.

What I’m Doing This Week

1. Have GREAT Last Lessons

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I’m making it a “student’s choice” week and we’re going to spend lessons doing their favorite things – nerding out about music theory, improvising, cup-tapping rhythm activities, sight-reading Christmas music, playing duets – it’ll be a fun time!

2. Pack Studio

I have very generous friends who have offered to help pack. Thankfully I did a whole house purge a couple of years ago so there isn’t a lot of sorting to do, just taking inventory and sticking stuff in boxes.

3. Turn Off Auto-Invoicing and Close Books

My accounting software automatically sends invoices on the first on the month, so I need to cancel these before everyone gets billed for November. I’ll also need to confirm that there are no outstanding payments or credits due.

What I’m NOT Doing This Week

I really wanted to keep the podcast and blog rolling through the move, but when I look at my schedule for the next two weeks even I realize that’s insane.

I’ll be taking the next 2-3 weeks off podcasting. I’d like to pop in with a blog post, but I’m giving myself permission to choose sleeping and eating over blogging if it comes down to that. 😊


This move has progressed SO fast. I don’t know how long people normally take to transition to a new job out-of-state, but this feels fast.

The house will go on the market Thursday. We still don’t have an official move date nailed down (hopefully in the next couple of days!), but it could be as early as November 8, so we’re operating under that assumption.

Thanks for hanging with me on this adventure!

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