004A – Grit & Grace: the Mindset of Balancing Hard Work & Meaningful Rest: Part A


I think what gets hard is that, as music teachers, we know the benefits and value of both working and resting, but when we are doing one, we are feeling guilty about not doing the other. 

Some of us might say, “But I love my work!”

I fall into that camp a lot, but I still have so many times when the work I love feels overwhelming and the inspiration and creativity needed for the work is hard to find. I often recognize that I need to take a break, but what I know in my head is hard to take action on. When I am working I feel guilty for not resting and when I am resting I feel like I should be working. 

Listen in, as we discuss the topic of Grit & Grace. 

Grit implies more than just hard work. It’s the getting up after being knocked down, the fortitude when you are getting weary, the determination to overcome obstacles that get in the way of a goal or desire.

Grace is free and unmerited. That means it doesn’t come after hard work or because we deserve it. It’s a beautiful thing when a free gift of grace is given. Grace is something we don’t have to withhold from ourselves until we do all the work, or all the right things. It’s needed for salvation. For the saving of our sanity, our creativity, our physical and mental wellbeing.


Book: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth (Author)

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