Finance & Taxes

Tax Calculator

Want to know how much you should budget for self-employment and federal income taxes? This handy Income and Tax Calculator is for you.

Personal Budgeting

Creating a Personal Budget + Printable Worksheet (blog post)

You Need a Budget (YNAB) – I’ve been a happy YNAB user since 2012. I love their philosophy toward budgeting. Both the web app and mobile apps are super-friendly and intuitive.

Website Building

Website Platform

I’m a WordPress.ORG fan girl. Here’s why.

Web Hosting

I’ve used a lot of web hosts for my own sites and client sites. My current go-to web host is SiteGround.


WordPress is super powerful, but there can be a bit of a learning curve when you get started. This course helps shorten the learning curve: WordPress for Music Teachers.

(Prerequisites: If you can download a picture from your computer and find the download location, you can build a WordPress website.)

Web Developer

If you want help with your WordPress website, drop me a line! I do some freelance website design.


Global Entrepreneurship Network – Connects entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and policymakers.

CoFoundersLab – Connects entrepreneurs with co-founders

General Assembly – Training and events for entrepreneurs with a tech focus. – Directory of all kinds of events happening in cities around the world. Look for networking and business owner groups in your city.

Small Business Administration (United states) – SBA offices host classes and workshops every week. They can be a great way to connect with local business owners.