Music Studio Fun for Solar Eclipse Day

It seems like everyone in North America is going nuts over the total solar eclipse that will take place on Monday. You may not think a solar eclipse could have anything to do with running a music studio, but it’s a great excuse to infuse some excitement into your normal routine!

Here are three ideas:

1. Set up a viewing station

I love events that connect my studio with the local community in a meaningful way. Since the prime viewing times for most of us are before our teaching days begin it opens up some neat opportunities such as sponsoring a viewing station!

Choose a spot to set up your station. This could be in your neighborhood, outside your studio, in a local park, by a coffee shop, at a library, or on a street corner with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Publicize your location in advance on social media and connect with local playgroups to invite them to stop by.

Set up a table with eclipse glasses and supplies for pinhole viewers. Don’t forget to put out a sign saying “This viewing party is brought to you by MY AMAZING STUDIO” along with brochures, business cards, or flyers for your studio!

Blast some themed musical tunes (Spotify can hook you up with an astounding number of solar eclipse playlists. There are a lot of options…know your audience!) If you have a portable instrument, you can provide the soundtrack!

A solar eclipse isn’t something you’d naturally link to music lessons, but it’s still an opportunity to connect with people in your community. And in my book, that’s an excellent thing.

2. Brighten up lessons

Never underestimate the power of a mini party! Make it a memorable day for your Monday students by using sun stickers. Introduce them to some new music genres or soundscapes. NASA shares this list of eclipse-themed music, including some epic polkas like this one! Or you could do an improv activity or chord lesson with the song “You Are My Sunshine,” and send them home with a treat. I like these five eclipse-themed food ideas because they’re super simple.

3. Pause

Maybe you just can’t add one more thing to your calendar this week. That’s OK.

Just go out and observe. How often do we spend time outside in the middle of the day to admire our incredible universe?  Of course, please make sure you have the proper equipment for safely viewing the eclipse, such as eclipse glasses or a pinhole viewer.

This week the excuse happens to be an eclipse, but there are always reasons to celebrate inside and outside of your studio. Keep an eye out for ways you can connect your studio to things that are happening in the world around you to keep things fresh and fun!

How do you make ordinary days extraordinary in your studio?

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