Tara (O’Brien) Boykin GoFundMe

Tara was one of the first teachers I met on Instagram and one of the first people I interviewed for the Music Studio Startup podcast about how she brought her product – NoteMatch – to market.

Tara is such a passionate teacher and genuine champion of other teachers!

If you follow Tara on any of her channels you have already heard about the passing of her husband. My heart breaks for Tara and her sweet kiddo Jordan.

Today I want to share the GoFundMe campaign a friend put together for Tara and her sweet kiddo, Jordan. You can also support Tara by checking out her music and many teacher resources:


Tara Boykin GoFundMe Campaign

Podcast Episode:

Episode 007 – Tara O’Brien on Manufacturing and Marketing a New Teaching Tool

Other Resources: 


Cascade Method

Tara O’Brien Spotify Channel






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