Transcript 000 – New Episodes Coming Your Way!

Transcript: 000 – New Episodes Coming Your Way!

Transcript for 000 – New Episodes Coming Your Way!

[00:00:00] Andrea: Hey, it’s Andrea with Music Studio Startup, the podcast about the business of teaching music. Learn from the startup stories of music teachers who are doing incredible things with their studios. Be inspired by creating musicians who are branching out and thriving as entrepreneurs. Be empowered by the insights of experts who will help you grow your own studio.


[00:00:25] Let’s get started.


[00:00:37] Well, that rest sure had a fermata over it. Welcome back and thanks for hanging in there with us. Our short intermission ran a bit longer than planned, but it will be well worth the wait.


[00:00:47] We’ve been busy behind the scenes getting some amazing things rolling with Music Studio Startup. We have a new course opening in 2023. Hint, some of you have been waiting for this one for a long time. We have new partnerships in the works, new ways to connect with the Music Studio Startup teacher community, and new podcast episodes starting next week.


[00:01:06] You won’t want to miss these new episodes. We have a lineup covering the practical everyday things you need to know to run a studio, inspiration from teachers who have restarted their studios after moves, stories from people who have bought businesses and sold businesses, and we even touch on some heavier topics like the emotional roller coaster of managing a studio through a personal crisis. We are so grateful for every guest who continues to share their story with us.


[00:01:31] Consider this your official welcome back to an even bigger and better season of music studio startup.


[00:01:36] Follow along at or on Instagram @MusicStudioStartup to see more about what we are up to.


[00:01:44] That’s all for today. Thanks for listening. I’ll be back next week.

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