Valentine’s Day Studio Promo + Printable! 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and today I wanted to pop in to share a super easy way to promote your studio on social media and keep your brand top of mind in your community.

Presenting the “I heart music lessons because…” Valentine’s Studio Promo!

If you have 5 minutes between now and Valentine’s week you can easily pull this one together. Better yet, if you have a student who waits through a sibling’s lesson, you can ask them to do it for you!

[Step 1] Print

Even though piano is the best instrument (maybe I’m biased), I know some of you teach other instruments, so I made two versions of this printable sign.

The “I <3 piano lessons…” version AND the generic “I <3 music lessons…” version.


Get both files delivered to your inbox here:

Pro Tip: Write or print your studio name and website address in the corner of the printable so the pics can be traced back to you no matter how they’re shared on social media.

[Step 2] Frame (or not)

This step is totally optional. If you don’t have a frame, just print a few copies of the printable or print one and have students write their “because…” on a Post-It or small piece of paper and stick it inside the speech bubble.

Pro Tip: The image will print as an 8-1/2” x 11”, but it’s designed so you can trim it down to fit in an 8” x 10” frame (as pictured) without missing anything.

[Step 3] Have students write messages

At their lesson, have each student write why they love music lessons in the speech bubble on the framed image. I think kid handwriting is one of the cutest things, but of course you can help the little ones.

Pro Tip: For my blog photo shoot, I only had these black dry erase markers, which are totally boring. If you have a few spare dollars, consider getting some in your brand colors, like these!


[Step 4] Snap a pic

Have each student hold the sign and take a pic. Smiles and testimonials in a single shot!

[Step 5] Share

Send the pictures to your students’ parents (they love that sort of thing!) and, with their permission, share the pics on your website and social media channels. Spread them out over the course of Valentine’s week

Share links to your Valentine’s studio promo pics in the comments below!

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