Tired of being a poor musician?

I know how it is. You’ve spent the greater part of your life mastering your instrument so you can be an amazing music teacher. Now you are in the trenches and you find out there is this whole other side to teaching that you weren’t prepared for.

I’m talking about the business side.

Do you sometimes feel like you are running a charity instead of a music studio? Are you tired of students taking advantage of your kindness and flexibility and always demanding makeup lessons? Do you have financial aspirations beyond making the minimum payment on student loans? Does thinking about taxes make you freak out???

Let's chat.

It’s hard to make a living as a musician, no doubt about it. But it’s not impossible.

I’d love to chat with you to see how the strategies I used to organize and grow my studio might also help you.

I think you’ll find that our conversation will change the way you approach your studio and career as a music teacher.

These problems are solveable.

We’ll chat for about 10 minutes to see what’s stressing you out and zapping the joy from teaching. 

Then we’ll talk about one or two things you can do immediately (like, right when we get off the call) to move your studio in the right direction.

The problems won’t magically disappear after our chat (sorry, this isn’t Hogwarts), but you’ll see the path to that brighter future. After we talk, I’ll also tell you about some other opportunities to work with me on a longer-term basis.

Results you can expect

In the weeks following our call, you will begin to notice that what looks like a whole mess of problems right now really comes down to a few pieces of your business being disorganized or broken.

Once those things are worked out, other things will settle down, too.

Ultimately, this will mean less stress for you and a more sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable music studio!

Next steps

To schedule a call, just click this link.

You’re going to enter your name and email address, and tell me the best way to contact you (phone or video call) and then we’ll have our call.

We’ll talk about what you can do right now to transform your studio and I’m also going to tell you about the ongoing programs I have.

On the fence?

You may be thinking you’re just too busy. Remember we’re talking about a 10 minute call. How many shows did you watch in that last Netflix binge session?

Or maybe it seems weird talking to someone you haven’t met in person first. You got me there. It can be weird for about eight seconds but then…it’s just not. And the choice of a video or voice call is up to you.

Or maybe you are thinking “my studio is not that bad…” But why settle for “not that bad” when you could be looking at a “great” or “super great” studio?

What do you have to lose? Here’s the link to book a mini session.